Steve’s Auto Services was started up by Steve Griffin-Wintle in 2004. He has been passionate about vehicles and mechanics since he was a young child, always in the garage modifying his own cars and bikes as well as building various toys e.g. Mini’s, Pipe cars, Beach Buggies & various motor bikes.

Steve Griffin-Wintle with pitbikeFor a short time in his early 20’s he worked on Mini’s from his garage and then went on to work for a company building Ford GT40’s to be exported to the USA. He was offered a position to open a manufacturing plant for this company in Thailand, but turned it down as he felt he had more to offer here in South Africa by starting his own business.

In his spare time he built 2 Pipe Cars in 1996. He entered his one into the “VW Bug Fest” competition in 1997 and won 3rd place. He then started building a custom-made Beach Buggy which initially had a Mazda Rotary engine. After this engine started giving problems he converted to a Nissan 2L, mid mount engine. He then started entering this vehicle into the Drag scene at Killarney. He became a formidable opponent on the drag scene and won quite a few 1st places and was doing times of 13.6 seconds (with his non turbo-charged engine) on the quarter mile drags. His beach buggy was featured in various newspapers and magazines.

His true passion lead him to the Gymkhana circuit where he showed his true driving skills and talents. After much consideration he decided to stop drags and enter the racing scene at Killarney in the Clubman’s section with VW Golf. He is always willing to help out fellow competitors at the Killarney race track and was awarded “The Mechanic of the year” trophy in 2006.

Steve’s hands-on approach and focus on attention to detail has awarded him an excellent reputation in the trade and with customers.